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A heartfelt greeting to our readers and followers. We are grateful to bring you our summer issue. 

The unforeseen pandemic of the last several months caught all of us off-guard. In a state of bewilderment, we watched the world change overnight. No one was left unaffected. Questions arose immediately and many still remain unanswered. 

We had questions too, as publishers of Raised in the West, would we be able to put together more magazines? With so much of Montana locked down, how would we pursue stories, take photos and distribute? Would our advertisers stay with us? A list of unknowns. We remained diligent, thoughtful and aware, stories unfolded, advertisers stayed confident and as we visited with them, they remained faithful. Our Facebook page gained followers; our website was launched and we couldn't be more thankful. 

The theme of our magazine this issue is perseverance. We watched people across the state step up to help full impossible needs and fight for a way forward. Montanans continue to be resilient, rising above their fears, persevering, and doing their part to get through this. Our stories reflect that: an iconic sheriff from eastern Montana protecting his county with his heart and soul; a truthy, authentic Montana cowboy willing to drop everything to help out another; and a group of distillers-turned-producers of hand sanitizers, filling a need and creating a booming business. We hope our stories will fill you with hope and encouragement. 

Wishing you a healthy summer in the Big Sky! Follow us on Facebook at Raised in the West Magazine. 

Cyd and Stu Hoefle

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